Hiatus Struggles: Once Upon a Time, a great show was on Sunday nights…

All the new promos and pictures, are really making me miss Once Upon a Time. This hiatus is too long especially with that incredible winter finale. I wish the had aired Once Upon a Time in Wonderland during this break. I feel like it may have helped the ratings. Anyway, I’m so curious as to what’s going to happen. I really can’t wait any longer.

As we know, Emma and Henry are currently living in NYC with no recollection of their time in Storybrooke. Although they may seem to be happy now, their pasts, especially Henry’s are a lie. Henry has a completely new life. Looking at the promos, it doesn’t seem like Henry and Emma will be in NYC for too long. If they gain their memories too quickly, it seems a but like a waste of a plot. You can only really do this once, so I hope they take advantage of the story as long as they can.

I think it would be interesting if Emma is the one who believes first this time. Emma still has the pain from her past with her. She was abandoned by her family and Neal. Henry, on the other hand, has no memory of his past. His mother didn’t give him up and he lives a happy life in NYC. Emma may have to convince Henry to believe. He’s living a happy life and doesn’t need to look to fairytales to give him hope. He already has his happy ending with his mom even though he doesn’t realize it’s not all real.

I feel like they sent Hook to Emma because Emma already knew Neal. She’s still mad at him for what he did to her and that pain did not go away with the curse. The fact that Hook seems like a stranger but knows so much about her might help his chances at convincing her. Neal already knows her so this wouldn’t help and Emma still feels betrayed. I wonder what Emma has told Henry about Neal. She told him he died previously. Will she make that same mistake again or will she have unknowingly learned from her previous mistake? I’m interested in what they will do.

Also, I’m curious how Emma will react to her new sister and how Henry will react to Regina. Henry now literally will have the memories of two childhoods, that with Emma and Regina. I’m interested with how they will cope with their new reality and the fact that their happy ending wasn’t real. So many emotions.

So, we have the Wicked Witch of the West this season. I have heard rumors and will be very annoyed if the witch is in fact Rumple and Cora’s kid. I’m hoping more for Cora’s sister or a child other than Rumple’s. Rumple is probably my favorite character and Cora my least. I really didn’t like them together and I can’t explain how mad I will be if that is true.

There’s my slight rant for today.

Have a magical day folks!


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